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All our beers are handcrafted by our brewmaster David Doble and his assistant brewers on a regular basis on the premises of our brewpub in Ybor City near downtown Tampa, Florida. Tampa Bay Brewing Company operates a 10-barrel brewing system and our brewhouse consists of a combination mash/boil kettle, lauter tun, hot liquor tank, cold liquor tank, three -10bbl fermenters, one-20bbl fermenter, one-30bbl fermenter, and two-40bbl fermenters.


Old Elephant Foot IPA™

Highly hopped, medium bodied ale; a true hop head beer! This hoppy IPA is bittered by generous portions of Northern Brewer and Centennial hops for 80 IBUs and finished with Cascade in the kettle and then dry-hopped with some more Cascade and Centennial.

ABV: 7%

BFBC 2015 Silver Medal Winner

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Reef Donkey APA

Dry-hopped American Pale Ale made using a secret selection of hops to give this nice dry beer a lemon/lime aroma and citrus & slight tropical fruit flavor. Although this brew Hits the classification of an APA, it drinks like a session IPA perfect for a day on the boat fishing the reef. Reef Donkey is slang for the Greater Amberjack gamefish which inhabit our coastal wrecks and reefs.

ABV: 5.5%

BFBC 2015 Silver Medal Winner

GABF 2014 Bronze Medal Winner

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Full Moon Madness Subtropical Porter

A dark roasty porter body is the backbone for TBBC’s signature subtropical porter. This beer displays a beautiful blend of banana, vanilla and roasted malts, making it easy to drink, and satisfying on even the hottest Florida day. The Full Moon Madness marks the 20th anniversary of TBBC.

ABV: 6%

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Iron Rat Imperial Stout

What the Russian royalty drink when the Vodka runs out! Full bodied, intense alcohol, roast, chocolate, and coffee tones all balanced out by 80 IBUs of Northern Brewer hops.

ABV: 10%


Red Eye Amber Ale

An American Amber Ale made using the finest 2-Row, Munich, Crystal, and a touch of Roasted malt for the signature reddish hue. This ale is seasoned with Columbus boiling hops and Columbus in the finish.

ABV: 6%

BFBC 2015 Gold Medal Winner


True Blonde

An exceptionally light colored beer fermented at slightly lower than normal ale temperatures to produce a smooth, crisp, and slightly citrus finish. Expect a light bodied ale with a slight hop nose. Not a Light Beer! Just light in color and body.

ABV: 5%

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Moose Killer Barleywine Style Ale

This brew is strong enough to bring down a Moose! A full-bodied, high alcohol, light amber in color, balanced out by 90 IBUs of Magnum Hops. Expect a strong/warming alcohol presence, malty start, and a nice soft malt finish.

ABV: 12%

BFBC 2015 Silver Medal Winner

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Jack the Quaffer Porter

Old world porter combining Pale, Crystal, Chocolate malt, and a hint of Black Patent. Hopped with Northern Brewer and finished with Cascade. This beer was the working class brew of London during the Gin Ban of 1751.

ABV: 6%


Wild Warthog HefeWeizen

True to style German Wheat Beer produced with German grains, hops, and Weinstephan yeast. Expect a light bodied beer with the yeast produced flavors of banana and clove along with a hazy / cloudy appearance due to suspended yeast and wheat protein. Literal translation of the german word hefeweizen is hefe=yeast and weizen=wheat.

ABV: 5%

Seasonal Brews

Always an exciting seasonal brew to represent the brewer’s perspective of the current times. Brewers are mildly referred to as artists and their canvas is the beer we drink!


Cask Conditioned Ales

Cask Conditioned Ales are naturally carbonated, unfiltered, and served through a hand pull at cellar temperature from the cask in which they were aged. The Cask Ales at TBBC are produced from regular production batches. So, you can usually try a cask ale produced from the same batch of beer that is also offered on tap simultaneously! A simplified explanation of Cask Ales is that they are the original draft beer. Casks are tapped every Thursday at 4pm and are available until the cask runs dry. We tap casks only once a week due to the fact that cask ale must be served fresh and only has a shelf life of approximately 3 days once tapped. Cheers!

Root Beer

TBBC’s Root Beer is handcrafted in 5 gallon batches for an old world flavor. Expect a robust and flavorful root beer that can be enjoyed by any soda enthusiast young and wise.

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